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Welcome to MaltaGardening.com!

Welcome to the first website dedicated to all you enthusiastic gardeners in Malta and Gozo! Primarily, MaltaGardening.com has been intended as a place where one may chat and discuss a myriad of gardening-related topics, asking for (and giving) advice in a friendly, easy to access virtual rendezvous - but always with that "Maltese" bias, which we feel is sorely needed.

After all, there are thousands of books and websites about gardening in other countries, but only a few sources of information (mainly books) about gardening in the Maltese Islands, where our own rather particular variety of Mediterranean weather renders advice given for generally cooler and wetter climes somewhat irrelevant.

With this in mind, we have started off with a variously sectioned forum/discussion board with many advanced yet simple to use features, as we go along more will be added to MaltaGardening.com.

At MaltaGardening.com you will be able to share in and contribute to the collective knowledge of people just like you, whether as an absolute "beginner" possibly seeking advice about the correct tree to plant in a particular location, an established gardener seeking to identify a plant or tree, or maybe as a rather more green-fingered type talking about advanced propagation methods for "difficult" plants. We have a number of experienced enthusiasts willing to reply to your questions.

As one of the first visitors to MaltaGardening.com, please do contribute to the forum with your questions or advice, it is YOU that will help to make this site a valuable resource that you will enjoy visiting regularly!

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